We are an independent UK firm specialising in online learning.

Our main focus is supporting the development of consultants, advisers, managers and leaders working in client-delivery, business development, project management, strategy or HR roles.

We develop online content, tools and courses with an emphasis on providing interactive, activity-based learning experiences to help get you closer to clients, colleagues and what makes you come alive.

We do this by combining our Learning & Development know-how with market-leading technology in online-learning and user engagement:

• Adlin – Our team of learning developers and course tutors have in-depth expertise and experiences within the professional services, business & finance and consultancy environments, with roles across client-delivery, client-relationship management, talent development, mentoring, training delivery, performance measurement and recruitment.

LearnDash – Award-winning e-learning developers. We use LearnDash’s Learning Management System and learning tools to deliver our online short courses, such as ‘Making an Impact’

Riddle – Online quiz makers whose clients include the BBC, Amazon and Oxfam. We use Riddle’s quiz delivery platform in our interactive tools and articles.

Change: the new norm that calls for a new approach

Those of us who can spark an emotional connection with others and inspire them to make a difference are the ones who will thrive in this noisy, fast-paced world.

These super-charged individuals augment their specialist expertise with a sensemaking, culture-based way of thinking.

Giving you what you need to see this emotionally-augmented reality is what makes us at Adlin come alive.

The super-charged individual:

Embraces client-centricity: Caring deeply about what it is that matters to their clients – both as business leaders and as people with their own personal aspirations and fears – using immersion and empathy to put this at the heart of what they do.

Dares to be different: Understanding that often, the riskiest thing to do is to play it safe; knowing that shaking things up and doing things differently is the best way to get noticed, be remembered and make things happen.

Nurtures sustainable wellbeing: Proactively treating emotional wellbeing needs as an ever-present, not just something to ‘fix’ in times of trauma or overload. This means promoting an approach to life and work which embraces positive emotions, and commits to following a path guided by talent, purpose and authenticity.

Company information

Registered at UK Companies House as Adlin Professional Limited. Company Registration Number-07514963

Registered Company Address: Adlin Professional Limited, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN

Email contact: [email protected]

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