Online course

People and ideas can change the world, and so can you.

This interactive online short course is for anyone with people and ideas at the heart of what they do.

The course’s online materials, activities and dedicated tutor support will give you what you need to see an Emotionally Augmented reality – a more vibrant, stimulating and rewarding world, one in which:

  • Client-centric, commercial insights are gained through understanding, immersion and caring
  • Creative ideas are stirred by connections built on social and cultural engagement, and where
  • Action comes from embracing positive emotions and inspiring others to take a step

By moving beyond understanding to caring, by connecting with others based on more than just the words being said, and by inspiring action along the way, you will be able to more deeply engage with the world around you.

This Emotionally Augmented reality will let you embrace the richness of a more diverse range of people and ideas, for the benefit of your clients, colleagues and others.

The course is structured around 5 key learning modules – which you can explore here – with its 20 lesson topics, activities and tutor feedback and guidance delivered via the Adlin e-learning portal.

The course has been carefully designed to provide you with a dynamic and supportive learning experience:

  • Interactive. You will engage with the course’s content through a series of structured online activities and tools. Personalised activity-based feedback from your course tutor and our in-course Message facility, will help you engage further.
  • Immersive. You will take a deeper dive towards your clients, colleagues and what makes you feel alive. Our portal’s ‘Focus-mode’ will help you in this by providing a distraction-free learning environment.
  • Flexible. All key learning takeaways – including any learning notes you make using our in-course Notes facility – are downloadable, yours to keep. All course content, activities and tools can be accessed for 6 months from your course in-take date.

Course fee: £245 (incl. VAT) | Next course in-take date: 1 July 2021

Time commitment: Flexible, but approx. 2-3 hrs per week for 4-6 weeks.

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