Making an Impact: Accelerator Short-Course

Develop unique personal connections with your clients and get closer than your competitors.

Show colleagues you have more to offer and convince them it’s time to see you differently.

Create interest in what you have to say and inspire action that makes a difference.

You are a consultant, adviser, manager or leader looking to develop your impact skills and take your career to the next level.

Whether you are in client-delivery, business development, project management or operations, ‘Making an Impact’ will give you new skills and tools to make a stand-out impression on clients, colleagues and more.

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On completion of this certified course, you’ll walk away with:

1. A detailed framework of questions, prompts and conversation pieces to help you develop unique personal connections with each of your clients.

2. A scenario playbook of actions for placing memorable reputation-markers in your interactions with colleagues.

3. A step-by-step guide to delivering your key messages, themes and ideas so as to create interest and influence.

4. A portfolio of your own original stories to inspire others to take action.

5. A statement of your personal brand to give you the confidence to name and aim your talents with purpose and conviction.

A one-off course fee of £179

Immerse yourself in 5 interactive learning modules & get personalised activity-based feedback from your course tutor.

2-3 hrs per week for 6 weeks

Self-paced learning online to fit around your work & home life.

A choice of start-dates in Feb & March 22

Start learning when it suits you best.

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