Rebalance for a more focused you

Whenever setting work-related objectives for the year ahead, it’s important to also think about what you’re going to do to support your own wellbeing.

By encouraging you to practice self-care, these 3 mindfulness goals will help you maintain a sustainable focus on your career ambitions:

1. Find the time to reflect on your own back-story – the journey and influences that got you here – and remind yourself what it is you value and what makes you feel alive.

2. Carry out periodic checks of ‘who you are’ versus ‘who you are having to be’. Getting further away from the authentic you is a sign you should slow down and reach-out for guidance from those you’re closest to.

3. Commit to treating your wellbeing needs as ever-present, not just something to ‘fix’ in times of distress or overload, and embrace these needs in your everyday decision-making.

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