Shake-up: how you think about your clients

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We’d all love a ‘Client for Life’ – someone who reaches out for our opinions, advice and services time and again.

Understanding our client’s needs and then delivering to help them succeed is obviously essential to building such longer-term relationships – but it will only take us so far.

To be able to lay the deeper-rooted foundations of trust needed to nurture a Client for Life, we must move beyond understanding and delivering, to connecting and caring.

An interactive tool

Thinking about what it is that keeps your clients awake at night can be a great jumping-off point for moving towards connecting and caring.

Our simple interactive tool, below, will help you get started.

With a specific client contact in mind, answer each of the filter questions and use the corresponding thought-prompts to shake-up how you think about them.

You can then use these new perspectives to help guide your future interactions towards connecting emotionally with your client, by showing them that your depth of caring goes way beyond delivering the next piece of work.

(The below tool is free. You do not need to register nor enter any details in order to use it.)

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