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Many years ago, a young female reporter named Nellie Bly got a job at a New York newspaper.

Nellie had entered an industry dominated by male journalists and beset by publications favouring sensationalist headlines over substantial reporting.

In the first few months of her new job, determined to do something different, she had herself locked up in one of the city’s infamous asylums. For ten days, she stayed undercover, gathered facts and immersed herself in the characters of her gritty surroundings. When she was released, she wrote a powerful multi-part story of neglect, corruption and brutality.

By using a story to get across her findings, she sparked an emotional connection between the subject matter and her (by now, ever-growing) readership base, who were increasingly desperate for the next instalment.

Not only did Nellie’s story lead to nationwide reforms in US mental healthcare provision, she helped launch the age of subscription journalism, paved the way for other women to join a previously off-limits profession and turned the media industry on its head.

Our noisy, fact-and-figure heavy business world is crying out for consultants who can do something different, by connecting with others and inspiring them to take action.

Whether we want to focus our teams on a common goal, persuade a prospect that a follow-up chat will be worth their while, or simply to encourage those we meet to do what makes them come alive, storytelling is unrivalled in being able to help us achieve this.

In this module – which features in our online short course ‘Emotionally Augmented reality’you will:


To achieve this, the module’s 5 lesson topics, interactive activities and course tutor feedback and support will help you to:

  • Re-connect with your natural storytelling abilities.
  • Learn how to take others on an emotional journey.
  • Find stories to practice, perfect and adapt so your portfolio is as compelling and memorable as possible.

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