Introducing our online Hub

Give your staff anytime, anyplace access to your in-house training:

Step 1 of 3

We get your in-house training online-ready and upload it on our Hub, a secure eLearning platform.

“We do the leg-work: formatting content & materials, structuring for online delivery and suggesting interactive elements such as quizzes & tests.”

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We give each of your staff a unique password-protected account so they get 24/7 access to your training via our platform.

“We provide full I.T. support: user-account set-up, issue reporting & resolution, and the overseeing of all digital learning processes.”

Step 3 of 3

We provide you with regular reports on your staff’s progress and attainment, or your own admin-level account for greater oversight.

“We do ‘Data & Write-ups’ so you can stay focused on ‘Development & Wellbeing’.”

Who is it for?

Whether you want to on-board new employees, provide access to regular structured training, or give ad-hoc updates or refreshers, our secure online Hub is a cost-effective way to offer your staff an anytime, anyplace learning experience.

Using the Hub’s flexible features, we can also help you take your in-house training to the next level through online learning tools & quizzes, interactive knowledge checkers, challenges & leaderboards and CPD record-keeping.

A few FAQs

Q: What’s your approach to costs?

We’re committed to finding a solution that works for your training objectives and your budget.

Fees can be structured on a per-employee or whole-firm basis, and spread yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Q: What’s the other stuff on the Adlin site?

Developing online content and tools to support personal growth is where we started.

As we expanded, we needed a platform to host and deliver our online courses – this specialist e-learning technology and experience evolved into the Hub.

Q: Where would we find you?

Based in Cambridgeshire, our Hub team love to discuss online training with local businesses.

Whether you’re a small boutique outfit or a firm of hundreds, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you (see below).

Q: Can we explore an online demo version of the Hub?

Yes! Please see the ‘What next?’ section…

What next?

We’d be delighted to give you access to a free online demo version of the Hub and to help you find out more.

If you are interested, please submit the short form below and we will be in touch with the details:

We will not pass your details to any third parties

Prefer to email? Please contact us at [email protected]

Adlin respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Details of how we do this can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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